Whisman Giordano & Associates is humbled to announce that the firm received the 2021 Legacy Award from the Delaware Business Times at the Family Business Awards ceremony held at the Executive Banquet & Conference Center in Newark, DE.

In order to qualify for the award, there must be at least two generations of one family active in the business. Jacob Owens, the editor of Delaware Business Times, shared that an independent judging panel reviewed all of the applications, chose finalists, and then chose the winners for each category (small, medium, large, extra-large businesses.) The Legacy Award is the final and among the most competitive awards of the night because all of the finalists are eligible to win, regardless of company size.

Today Media Publisher, Michael Reath, introduced the final award of the event. Excerpts from his introduction of WGA follows:

This award goes to a business that has demonstrated their ability to not only survive but to thrive. Coming onto the scene in the 1970s in a competitive industry with larger, more established players, this firm has always stayed true to its family roots and grown into one of the top 10 firms in this category in the state. Beyond their remarkable business success is their commitment to supporting organizations that strengthen communities across the State. They “always punch above their weight class” and have become an integral part of the business community. When in doubt, check out the name of their team when they field it for a run at a charity event- the name is “Kicking Assets.”

Managing Director and President Joseph V. Giordano says, “While we were celebrated as a “Family Owned” business, we are deeply aware that at Whisman Giordano, “family” means our whole team. We could not be where we are today without their efforts and commitment. This award belongs to all of us, regardless of your last name.”