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Government agencies – from boroughs to townships to cities to counties to the state level– are tasked with fulfilling their obligations to the citizenry through effective and efficient operations, accurate financial reporting, and transparency. Achieving this is no small feat. You are beholden to regulations, budgetary constraints, and scrutiny from a range of sources. We can help you fulfill your obligations with our decades of experience conducting audits, working with government officials and staff, and resolving challenges.

As a leading governmental auditing firm in the region, we provide accounting, financial, and audit services to numerous governmental entities. We are an American Institute of CPA’s Peer-Reviewed accounting firm and are members of the American Institute of CPA’s Governmental Audit Quality Center. Members are committed to adhering to the highest quality standards and receive industry-specific training to remain current with the latest regulations and best practices.

Each client experience at Whisman Giordano is customized. Below are needs we’ve identified over the years that are specific to the government agencies:

  • Audits, reviews & compilations
  • Reporting for various program audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Cost certifications
  • Pension audits
  • Single audits & submission to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse
  • Study & evaluation of internal controls 

So many state and local government agencies throughout our region choose Whisman Giordano for their accounting needs due to the relationships we develop, the results we provide, and the confidence we instill.

We specialize in serving:

  • Affordable housing programs
  • Authorities (e.g. Municipal and Parking) 
  • Boroughs 
  • Charter schools 
  • Cities 
  • Counties
  • Housing authorities
  • School Districts 
  • Statewide agencies
  • Towns 
  • Townships