Whisman Giordano sent support to the Delaware Center for Homeless Veterans. Founded in 2009, the Delaware Center for Homeless Veterans provides housing and supportive services to homeless Veterans in the State of Delaware. They work with the local Veterans Administration and other area and national non-profits to help Veterans reintegrate into the community in a positive and lasting way and eradicate homelessness among Veterans in Delaware. They target two main issues- housing and supportive services.

Their housing goal is to provide safe, affordable housing coupled with supportive services for each Veteran in need. The supportive services goal is to reintegrate, educate, empower and advocate. By providing housing first, ending the cycle of homelessness for a Veteran, and supplying them with supportive services that they themselves identify as needed to combat future homelessness, the DE Center for Homeless Veterans can fully support their long-term goals of obtaining recovery, economic self-sufficiency, independence, and community reintegration.