On Wednesday, November 29 the WGA team rolled up their sleeves (literally) to donate blood to the Blood Bank of Delmarva. Our team of heroes consisted of

  • Managing Director, Lisa DeRose
  • Director, Ed Devenny
  • Manager, Kevin Sanok (also responsible for the fantastic idea and organizing)
  • Senior Accountant, Kelly Blair
  • Staff Accountant II, Mason Kegley
  • Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper, Melanie Stinson

It is said that every pint of blood can save three people. This means that in less than one hour, our band of donors potentially saved 18 lives! Plus, they received cookies and juice. That’s a win-win for all. The Blood Bank of Delmarva was founded in 1954. It is a nonprofit community-based blood center that provides lifesaving blood and blood products to 1.5 million people and 19 hospitals on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Kevin Sanok, Kelly Blair, and Mason Kegley after donating to the Blood Bank of Delmarva