While searching the web, I came across this Forbes article stating the latest Marketing Trends of 2018. They were all accurate and intriguing, but one that stood out to me was “Honesty.” This stood out to me because it’s not the latest technology, or the next best drone, yet a simple noun that quite literally means “the quality of being honest” (

I started to question this. Why is being honest a new trend? Why isn’t honesty something that is a strategy from the beginning? I’m sure other people can relate that one of the first things they learn from there parents is to be an honest person. If we are all taught to be honest people, then shouldn’t our businesses be honest as well? 

Honesty leads to trust and being a trustworthy business leads to not only a good reputation, but potentially more business. 

Here are 3 tips on how to make sure your business is being honest:

1. Be transparent with customers

Don’t sugar coat things and don’t beat around the bush. What good does that do for you, or the customer? Being completely transparent and telling the client the actual truth will help you develop a better relationship and will help you navigate through situations more quickly and smoothly. As the old saying says, “Honesty is the best policy,” right?

2. Double check all information out on social media regarding the company 

You want to make sure that there is no false information on the internet or any social media by any means. This could be positive or negative information, but if it’s not true then that could just be detrimental to you and your company. Don’t be afraid to brag about what your company excels in on social media, but also don’t be afraid to explain where your company needs to improve and why. Just make sure it’s the truth!

3. Be classy with your honesty

Branching off of the first tip of being transparent with your customers, make sure you choose your words carefully and concisely and that you’re treating your client with kindness and respect. Sometimes bluntness and honesty can come off rude or arrogant when said in the wrong tone or with the wrong words. Talk with encouragement and politeness and that really goes a long way. Stay classy with it!