Our Marketing Coordinator, Nicole, met with Jess Ruggieri from Fun Dept! Jess is a client of Whisman Giordano’s and has been a coach and trainer at Fun Dept since Sept. 2015. Nicole had the privilege of asking Jess questions about her business and how Whisman Giordano helps her! Here is what she said:

Explain the basis of what your company does

“At Fun Dept, we make up our own job titles depending on personality and our job role, so I am the Ambassador of Inclusion. My latest job responsibility is lead trainer and coach for our clients. Part of the process is being all inclusive because fun is different for everyone and you have to figure out how to connect and engage people. I adore people and always wanted to be someone who is approachable and comfortable. I always say there are two types of leaders. One type is energetic and throws open the door, and the other type holds the door open and make sure everyone comes in and makes sure the last person comes in through the door. When working with Fun Dept, we make sure that regardless of your leadership style, that everyone is included.”

What is your favorite part about working there?

“What I love about our company is that we are not a competitive company meaning that there are not a ton of people who do what we do. Instead of being competitive, its more of a movement where we celebrate other companies to make the culture better. Being part of a movement towards a more positive work environment is what I love about what we do. Plus I get to meet really awesome people and we work with awesome companies!”

What does Whisman Giordano do for Fun Dept?

“One of the original partners of Fun Dept knows Lisa DeRose (partner of Whisman Giordano), so that is how we knew of your company. A few years ago, we had tons of changes in staffing and things became messy. Finally I stepped forward and said this is not working and realized we needed a professional. In 2016/2017 we brought in Lisa and our books were mess. Lisa has been buried in clean-up and reconciling for us. Between the taxes and the bookkeeping and reconciling Whisman has been very communicative and it feels good to work with Whisman and turn it around! Not to mention every time we get together, it’s always enjoyable.”

Why do you like working with Whisman Giordano?

Well, because I don’t have to do the accounting! When you’re a small business and you try to wear all these different hats, you can’t do what you want to do and do well. Bringing in a third party expert in the long run is going to save your company money and they get the job done! It gives me the opportunity to do what I do well and not have to worry and do it myself.”

Keep a lookout for more client stories to come!

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