Today our Marketing Coordinator, Nicole, met with the owner of Brew-HaHa!, Alisa Morkides! Alisa Morkides is a client of Whisman Giordano’s and has been the owner of Brew-HaHa! for 25 years. Nicole had the privilege of asking Alisa questions about her business and how Whisman Giordano helps her! Here is what she said:

Explain the basis of what your company does

“I always wanted to have my own business ever since I was a child. I tried to open a couple of different businesses in my 20’s and 30’s and they didn’t follow through. It was hard to find something I was passionate about. It wasn’t until I went to Italy and fell in love with the coffee culture there that I knew I wanted to try to open a coffee shop. Not only was it the quality of the coffee, but the professionalism in which it was served and the ambience. I decided to come back to Wilmington and open up my own coffee shop based on Italian quality. It took about 6 months to open my own cafe in Greenville. I had a business plan and a few credit cards and maxed out those credit cards and then I had my own café!”

What is your favorite part about working there?

“Other than the free coffee?! My favorite part is the people…working with incredible employees as well as a chance for me to express my creativity.” 

What does Whisman Giordano do for the Brew haha?

“The people at Whisman Giordano are more than just accountants. They are partners to me and they care about my business and they offer solutions that go beyond mere accounting solutions. They are solutions that drive my business and make it better.”

Why do you like working with Whisman Giordano?

They are friendly natural people. Down to earth, smart, and kind. 

Keep a lookout for more client stories to come!

Check out their social media:

Facebook: @brewhaha93

Instagram: @brewhahacafe