When you think of Marketing and Accounting you think of two completely different things. You think of Accounting and you think of taxes, numbers, calculators and people crunching numbers. When you think of marketing you think sales, advertising,  and creative thinking. How in the world are these two aspects supposed to work together? Turns out, one of the keys to an accounting firm’s success is marketing. Without marketing, their company would be basically unknown to anybody not in their immediate realm. As a company, you can’t grow under those circumstances. You have to put yourself out there and make a name for yourself. That’s where marketing and more specifically, social media use, come into play. Social Media platforms play a factor in everyone’s daily life. It is important that companies have social media in order to gain more potential business and to make themselves more known. This goes for accounting firms as well.

One of the biggest social media platforms today is Instagram. Instagram has 800 million users with 60% of users logging in daily, making it the second most engaging network after Facebook. Instagram also generates around 95 million photos being uploaded everyday with 3.5 billion likes daily. The usage for this platform has doubled within the last few years and continues to grow day in and day out. Why is this information important? It’s the potential to make your business known to the 800 million users on Instagram. These users are potential clients and potential co-workers and people who could see your page and spread the word about your company…so, what can we do as an Accounting Firm to make our Instagram the best it can be? Here are 7 ways to develop and establish your Instagram:

Have a clear Instagram Icon

On your Instagram profile in the upper left hand corner is a circle with a picture. That is your Instagram Icon. This Icon should include a clear picture of your company symbol or logo, so when people come to your page they have an idea about what company you are.

Have company information in your Bio

This is huge. If you don’t have information in your profile bio, it makes it more of a hassle for someone to contact you if they want, and if the information is not available they make not make the effort in the end. Your bio can include your address, a phone number, email, fax, etc.

Engage on Instagram

Engagement is key to helping grow your follower base and helping grow your platform overall. Engagement consists of commenting and liking your followers posts, following new accounts and following back accounts who follow you. By doing this, your profile will grow and more people will start to recognize your company name and profile!

Stick with a social media schedule

By sticking with a social media schedule with your posts, you can make sure that your company has a consistent presence on Instagram. This also helps you manage in a way that you don’t post too much or too little. Do research and figure out when the best times to post would be daily/weekly/monthly that coincide with your firms goals for posts.

Clear and consistent pictures/videos

The aesthetic of your page is important. If it looks jumbled, not organized, or not pleasing, people most likely won’t follow and leave your page. Instagram users will only follow you if they want to see your posts in their feed and the only way to help attain that goal is to make sure your posts are up to standard. Use a consistent phone, or camera for your pictures. Also, try to post with the same filter with pictures for a more clean look on your profile.

Make a list of ideas of things to post

Sometimes, you won’t always know what to post. Try to stock up on pictures whether it be around the office, or from company events. Sit with your staff and discuss the goals and direction you want to go in with your posts and make a list of possible post ideas. You can’t go wrong with this tactic!

Manage it

Once you establish your page, you have to keep up with the profile. If you make an Instagram page and barely use it, that won’t do any good and your company won’t get anything out of it. Make sure you are constantly engaging, posting when needed, and being an active user at least every one to two days.