Often times in the business world it is easy to forget why you are working in the first place. Whether it be because you’re stressed with your work load, you’re tired, or you’re working on a difficult task, often times people lose sight of the meaning of their job. So, why are you working? Can’t answer that? Let us help you out.

Say you are Steve Jobs. It’s 1976 and you are 21 years old. You are in your family’s garage with a friend trying to create this whole new computer system. Now, I bet you’re thinking “How would this apply to me?” “Why should I care?” You should care because step back for a second. Steve Jobs was not in his basement dedicating all his time just to make a computer for himself. Where is the success in that? He was making this product for people. Steve Jobs had to make sure of one thing and one thing only before creating his first Apple computer. He needed to make sure that his product would provide value to the customer. Plain and simple. There had to be a want and need for a new computer, but his computer had to give something of substance to his customers, or his product was going to fail.

Now are you remembering why you’re working? To provide value to the customer.

Without providing value, no business would survive. The concept of providing value gets lost in translation in almost every business and it shouldn’t because it is the sole reason you’re working and it’s the sole reason your company is working. So, next time it’s a Monday morning and you’re moaning and groaning on your way into work and you sit down with bags under your eyes wishing it was still the weekend, remind yourself why you’re working and that your work is helping other people one way or another. YOU are valuable and so is your work.

That is what the word value should mean to you and your business.