In the current world we live in, it is really difficult to stand out on social media. Due to the fact that social media platforms are the most popular way to communicate, it is important to make sure your company is being well-represented. Not to mention social media is a way to find potential clients or find future employees. Something that stands out to users is when they can personally relate to a post. It makes them feel connected in some emotional way and that connection will reside with them and have your company name attached to it. To do this, you have to bring your company to life on social media. You have to let users feel like they are part of your business. Here are 5 ways you can accomplish that:

Tell your story

Any company can put the basics of the work they do. Instead, try telling a story. How did the company start? What hardships did it face? What were your failures? How did you push to succeed? Answering questions like that hook’s users in. It makes them want to know more and it will most likely keep them interested. 

Show life inside the office 

Posting pictures of company events, events you are attending, or event your daily life in the office lets users peak inside your everyday work life. Let them see what you do every day! Don’t just say it with words, show it.

Put a face to a name 

Showcasing all employees of your company is important. It lets users see that these are real people doing real work and that they are just regular people just like them. There is something calming about knowing that someone is just like you. You don’t need to have a big shot name or crazy accomplishment to do great work. Let people see that


Interacting is huge. Whether it be responding to a user on a social media platform, or commenting on other company’s pages, it Is important. Not only to users feel a personal connection when you respond, but it also puts your name in their head. When you’re interacting on other’s pages, it puts your name out there for other people to see as well!

Show that you care

Consider showcasing your clients! You could feature them in a shout out, or support a event they are hosting. Either way, it is showing that you care! A common phrase I see on company websites is, “We care about our clients.” Well, great so does half of corporate America. You need to further implement that you care about your clients and by doing these things, it will show!